Buzz This; Satellite Stoplight

As you probably know, CBS bought CNET (and various other properties including the domain name) for $1.8 billion back in May. And as I should hope you know, CNET is the authority when it comes to tech news and reviews. I know that sounds biased, but I've read CNET for many years and worked with the folks there since I was at CNN. It's the real deal. Now that we're one big (dys)functional family (I kid, I kid), there are plenty of opportunities for crossover. That may include seeing Natali Del Conte on the Early Show, or it may include your truly being part the Buzz Out Loud (or BOL) podcast. Check out our take on the Windows 7 release date, the UNIX calendar celebration and "citizen journalists."

And now from the merger of terrestrial media companies to the collision of satellites in space; a derelict Russian military satellite and a working U.S. Iridium commercial satellite both missed the stop sign at about 500 miles up. The impact sent thousands of pieces of space junk circling around the planet, and it could apparently remain there for more than 10,000 years. While there have been other crashes between orbiting satellites this one could perhaps be the most serious. It's an interesting story, and for more just click here where you can also read comments from CBS space analyst Bill Harwood about what it means to the international space station and future shuttle flights.

Finally, to end the week, a birthday shout-out to Charles Darwin – we've evolved 200 years since he was born.

In the meantime, stay connected.