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Who is Butch Bowers, Trump's new impeachment attorney?

Senate to get Trump impeachment article Monday
Pelosi sending Trump impeachment article to Senate on Monday 09:26

President Trump's new attorney for his expected impeachment trial isn't a household name. Senator Lindsey Graham confirmed to reporters Thursday that South Carolina attorney Butch Bowers will join the Trump legal team as the "anchor tenant."

So, who is Butch Bowers?

Bowers, a South Carolina native and graduate of Tulane University School of Law, is no stranger to defending politicians embroiled in ethical scandals. Although, as would be the case for nearly anyone, representing a former president in a Senate impeachment trial for incitement of insurrection is a new level entirely. 

Butch Bowers, whose given name is Karl Smith Bowers Jr., is perhaps best known for representing then-South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford in 2009. The GOP-majority legislature considered impeaching the Republican governor when he admitted to lying to aides about hiking the Appalachian trail but was actually with his mistress in Argentina. Sanford was ultimately censured instead. 

Trump Impeachment Lawyer
In this Sept. 10, 2009, file photo, attorney Butch Bowers speaks during a news conference at the Statehouse in Columbia, S.C.  Mary Ann Chastain / AP

Bowers also represented former Trump administration official and then-South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley in 2012 when she faced ethics charges of illegal lobbying while she was still in the South Carolina legislature. Haley was cleared in that inquiry.

He has also represented a South Carolina sheriff, Kenney Boone, who pleaded guilty to misconduct in office and embezzlement in December. 

Bowers is a member in good standing in both the South Carolina Bar and the District of Columbia Bar, according to their directories. Bowers told the South Carolina Post and Courier he looks "forward to representing the former president." 

Graham spoke well of the attorney, who is from his state, when he spoke to reporters late Thursday.

"He's involved in very complex litigation, he's represented the state of South Carolina in you know, federal court over lots of issues. He's a judge advocate and that's where I got to know him from," Graham said. 

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced Friday evening that the Senate trial will begin the week of February 8

Bowers has not responded to CBS News' request for comment. 

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