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Bush's Famous Family Tree

It was revealed recently that Vice President Dick Cheney and Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama are distant cousins.

This week, thanks to a New York Post story about genealogy, we're getting a glimpse at the rather surprising family tree of President Bush himself, reports CBS News Early Show national correspondent Tracy Smith.

We all know who the president's father is, but what about his cousins?

Thanks to research done by, we know that Cheney, the man who's only a heartbeat away from the presidency, is actually a blood relation to the president. He's Bush's Mr. ninth cousin once removed.

Cheney's cousin, Obama, is also Mr. Bush's 11th cousin, and the ninth cousin of actor Brad Pitt.

But we're only getting started: Abraham Lincoln was Mr. Bush's seventh cousin, five times removed.

And Mr. Bush shared more than just a ballot with John Kerry in 2004 -- that's right, they're ninth cousins, twice removed.

There's also royalty in the Bush bloodline. Princess Diana was Mr. Bush's 11th cousin, twice removed.

And then there's this bombshell: Marilyn Monroe, known for wishing John F. Kennedy a happy birthday, is Mr. Bush's ninth cousin, three times removed.

He's also related to Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, Native American princess Pocahontas, and Vlad the Impaler.

Trace the family tree far enough, and you get Madonna, Celine Dion and Tom Hanks -- which shows that genealogy can sometimes be like a box of chocolates: You never know who you're gonna get.

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