"Bully" documentary director shocked by R rating

Lee Hirsch, director of the upcoming documentary "Bully," says he's shocked at the Motion Picture Association of America's decision to give the film a R rating.

"We are fighting to have that decision changed," Hirsch said. "The irony is that it's saying that kids can't see a movie that's about them."

The documentary, to be released on March 30, focuses on the lives of five students who are harassed on a daily basis. Two of the children featured in the film committed suicide.

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Hirsch said the film tells the story of not only his film's subjects, but 13 million kids -- and probably more -- who are the victims of bullying in the U.S. every year.

"It's a lot of pain," Hirsch said. "I think that we're just beginning to really, really talk about it and start to think about how we can change it. And kids are stepping up, which is amazing."

Bullying: Words Can Kill

For a longer discussion about bullying and how kids are reacting to screenings of the movie watch the video in the player above.