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"Bubble Wrap Bike" oddly looks like fun to ride

(CBS News) Since we started this week off on an odd bicycling note, why not keep the ball rolling with a follow-up item involving one, too? Though, perhaps more aptly, we're going to keep the bubble-wrap rolling in this particular case. Confused? Then see exactly what I mean above...

The crazy, bubble-wrap-popping bicycle demonstration comes courtesy of comedy magician Eric Buss, who simply calls it the "Bubble Wrap Bike." And in answer to his opening (probably rhetorical) question, I actually am a tad bit green with envy over this very odd contraption. While I don't see this product becoming a commercial hit anytime soon, it sure does look like fun to ride! And to check out more work by Eric Buss, be sure to visit his YouTube page by clicking here.

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