Brinkley: I'll sing, dance through tribulations

Christie Brinkley on "CBS This Morning."
Christie Brinkley on "CBS This Morning."

(CBS News) Supermodel Christie Brinkley said she's been navigating her life just fine since her 2008 divorce from architect Peter Cook.

The 58-year-old recently made headlines when she recently broke down during an TV interview while discussing Cook and what she called his minimal contributions to the couple's kids. She said on the "Today" show that Cook contributed $600 a month for each of the couple's two children.

Christie Brinkley's ex fires back after model's teary interview
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Cook responded in a statement shortly after that appearance saying Brinkley lied. "Christie was entirely dishonest about the circumstances surrounding the current court action which was precipitated by her and ... is doing further damage to our children," he said, according to Fox News' report. "I am also shocked by the blatant lies she told regarding our divorce proceedings of four years ago, including denying the indisputable fact that she fought for an open courtroom despite the warnings it would harm our children."

Brinkley said on "CBS This Morning" it's upsetting that she's been told she needs to move on and not discuss the divorce anymore. She said for the six years since her divorce she hasn't discussed it outside of a courtroom.

"I have never called him a name and I did not engage," she said. "This whole last round of press about this whole thing was totally one-sided."

"I haven't discussed it," she continued. "I've built a home for my parents. I've started a beauty business from the ground up, ... I've done 11 weeks on Broadway. Last year, I learned an entire Broadway play. I never acted before. I never sang. I never danced. So I'm going to sing and dance my way through any trials and tribulations."

Brinkley is now starring as Roxie Hart in the hit musical "Chicago" at Broadway's Ambassador Theatre through Friday, April 27. The production goes on the road for a National Tour in select cities beginning in May.

For more with Brinkley on "Chicago" and when she was once considered too thin, watch the video in the player above.