"Breaking Bad" theme song played on lab equipment

(CBS News) With the last season of "Breaking Bad" finally upon us -- it premiered last night -- there is definitely a fever around the hit AMC show. So what better timing than to feature musician Andrew Huang's personal take on the theme song for the show. Check out how he paid perfect homage to "Breaking Bad" in his rendition of the theme song above.

Pretty cool huh? Minus the guitar, all of the "instruments" Huang used to create the medley were totally tweaker legit apparently -- from the beakers and buckets to the rubber tubing and frying pan (apparently those in real meth-head trouble do use frying pans, but we'll let you do your own Google search to find out why, it's a little gross and disturbing for a Monday morning).

Regardless, this Toronto-based troubadour is pretty creative, to say the least, which is why we've featured him so many times before. Check out some of his previous musical masterpieces here and here.