A post dedicated to arts and crafts (with music and explosions)

(CBS News) I'm sure at some point in your life that you've engaged in arts and crafts. Whether it was at school or summer camp or perhaps an extracurricular club, most of us have done a bit of creative work with paper, scissors, paint, paste and more. And this post is dedicated to that nostalgic tradition, but in ways you've probably never engaged in before. We start things off with music made from "rocks, paper and scissors" above.

The classic and simple game of the hands turned into an amazing and creative form of music was done by Andrew Huang, whom we highlighted yesterday with some music made solely from scissors and paper, and who writes about his latest piece of work:

A song from my upcoming record LIP BOMB. The beat was made exclusively using sounds from rocks, paper and scissors - including the melodic bits, which I explain in this video.

I'm seriously loving each of these videos from Andrew so far, and can't wait to see what he comes out with next. And what is a post about arts and crafts without a bit of paint, right? No, I'm not talking about finger painting (though that sounds like fun). In this case, I'm speaking about cans of paint exploding in - wait for it - super slow motion! Check out another epic video below from one our favorites here at The Feedwhom we've highlighted many times now: The Slow Mo Guys!