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"Breaking Bad" actor RJ Mitte wishes Walter White a Happy Father's Day

Father's Day is a time to honor all the dads out there - and apparently that includes the fictional ones, too.

"Breaking Bad" actor RJ Mitte -- a.k.a. Walter Jr. -- paid tribute to his on-screen dad, the drug-dealing kingpin Walter White, in a video released ahead of this Sunday's holiday.

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Mitte praises White (played by Bryan Cranston) for all the ways the anti-hero went above and beyond -- make that way above and beyond -- to provide for his family.

He then details many of the things White did on the AMC series, from meth-cooking to murder to knowing what's important ("breakfast") and making sure everyone had "an A-1 day."

"Everything you did was for your children -- and also your pride, and a ton of money. But definitely for your children," Mitte says. That's family dedication, right there.

The whole (very spoilery, if you haven't seen the entire show) thing is pretty great, but the ending might be the best part.

"Most dads tell lame knock-knock jokes," Mitte says of his TV dad. "But you were the one who knocks. And for that, we all thank you and wish you a Happy Father's Day."

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