Brad Bird says he's not directing "Star Wars: Episode VII"

Brad Bird attends the "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol" premiere on Dec. 19, 2011, in New York.

Brad Bird says he will be first in line to see the new "Star Wars" movie, but that he won't be the one directing it.

The director of "The Incredibles" and "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol" took his name out of the running while answering questions from Twitter followers on Saturday.

When asked if he would be directing "Star Wars: Episode VII," Bird said no, but added that he will helm an upcoming science fiction film:

What Bird is working on, he added, is the sci-fi film "1952." The project is shrouded in secrecy, Deadline reports, but has a script written by "Lost" co-creator Damon Lindelof and Jeff Jensen. George Clooney is reportedly in talks to star.

But while he's not directing "Star Wars: Episode VII," Bird told fans that he'll be seeing the film when it is released:

Last week, J.J. Abrams also said he will not be directing the new "Star Wars" film.

Tell us: Who should direct "Star Wars: Episode VII"?