Bounce your way to a better body

It's natural to see kids bouncing around on big trampolines, but now adults are getting in on the fun, too.

Yvonne Rannels is a mom and a regular at a class called "Flight Fit" at a trampoline park in Springfield, Virginia.

"It's an intense workout. I leave this class drenched," she raves about the class.

The facility offers massive trampolines sectioned off for people to jump in their own personal squares. But the exercise class is a lot more than simply bouncing around. Trainers have participants jumping, running on the trampolines, and using medicine balls, resistance bands and weights to bring an element of strength training into the mix.

"We do a lot of jumping, running up the trampolines, it's a lot of work...exhausting," Rannels says.

Trainers say trampoline workouts strengthen the heart, improve circulation and bone density, speed up the metabolism and help to rid the body of toxins by boosting the lymphatic system.

And, jumpers love the workouts because they can burn 800 or more calories per class. Rannels credits trampoline workouts with helping her drop about 50 pounds.

For her, the weight loss is all part of the feel-good boost she gets from doing this class.

"If you have a choice between going to the gym and coming and bouncing and having a blast -- you would choose trampoline," she says.