Bootcamp: Tax Software

If you've waited until now to do your will make it less

Last minute filers will find even more advantages to using software instead of pen and paper. Whether you choose Kiplinger's Taxcut or the leading program, Intuit's Turbotax, you'll get the job done more quickly and with fewer mistakes. Turbotax product manager Barry Saik...

"For people who have waited until now and are late filers....time is of the essence."

Having all of the forms just a mouse click away is a big relief...

"When you purchase Turbotax, you've got all the forms in the box that you're likely to need. So we save trips to the post office or library to try to track down other forms. They're all just included right in the box."

And if you really wait until the last minute, both Turbotax and Taxcut have versions you can use right on the web. The sites are and At Turbotax, Saik says a lot of computer users are sending in their returns electronically this year..

"Electronic filing is growing like crazy. We've seen a three hundred percent increase over last year in the number of people who are using electronic filing."

With so many people doing so many things online these days...the comfort level has increased.