Bootcamp: Saving Lives on the Net

Saving lives...on the net. There's plenty of publicity about the darker side of the Internet. This story sheds light.

It was the middle of the night, and at her home in New Jersey, Gloria Weichand was having trouble sleeping. So she went on the web, to one of the many medical sites online.

"And on there, I found a plea from Hei Ku Wang, which basically said ... 'Someone, please save my son'."

The plea was from China. Half a world a way. Yineng Wang was less than a year old, and doctors there had given up on his heart condition. Gloria Weichand emailed the father, telling him that she would try to help. She made many phone calls.

This past week, the toddler had his second operation at Deborah Heart and Lung Center in New Jersey. The story doesn't end there.

"I guess I was in the papers over there and this other family read about me in the papers in China, and they looked for me on the Internet, and they found me."

That family's little boy has also now undergone surgery at Deborah. Now Weichand has set up her own web site to raise money to help more children...

"Actually, I have about five others. But the one who I'm trying to get over now is Hen Yi. He's a 13 year old who also read about me over there."

The Internet can have a lot of heart.

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