Bootcamp: Modem Speed Demons

Competing standards for 56K modems have meant a lot of confusion for computer users.

The industry recently settled on a new standard called V.90 and modem manufacturers are wasting no time in making them available.

That means the headaches for consumers and Internet providers are coming to an end.

Until now,if you wanted to take advantage of the 56k speed. (and who doesn't want the net to be faster) you had to buy the same flavor x2 or kflex as the one used by your Internet service provider.

At 3com,which developed the x2 standard, Neil Clemmons says it is a relief:

  • Â"In terms of the advantage to the consumer, V.90 over the previous two competing 56K technologies offers the user a better experience from the standpoint of it's a slightly better performance than what we were seeing with X2 or with Flex.
  • The technology allows the user to purchase a modem and not have to worry about what their Internet provider is supporting because we expect the Internet community to move to this standard pretty quickly over the next...probably six weeks to two months or so."

If you already have a 56k modem, you'll need to download software to upgrade it to the new v.90 standard.

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