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Have more than one PC in your home of office? Link them together without wires.

If you've got a desktop PC at the office or at home....and a notebook computer for the road....there's an easy new way to link them together. A company called Webgear makes the Aviator networking kit. It uses radio signals to transmit data. Webgear's Gerald Burns:

"People want convenience of mobility...they want low cost local area networks...which has here-to-fore for the homeowner...the price was out of reach."

Especially if you were going to run wires through walls and such. The Aviator kit....means you can be networked inside or out...for about three hundred dollars for two computers. The speed is not as fast as a wired network...but for sharing data and is a convenient solution. And it comes with software to let you share an internet connection as well...

"With the aviator, we include software from web etc. that allows you to ...if for instance you have three PCs at home, and you wanted to be on the Internet on'd have to have three analog phone lines and you'd have to have three ISP accounts. With the Aviator, you can cancel two analog phone lines,two ISP accounts and that's approximately a thousand dollars a year."

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