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Bomb Suspect Still At Large

Thursday was day 4 of an intensified search for suspected abortion clinic bomber Eric Rudolph, reports CBS News Correspondent Sharyl Attkisson.

Two hundred law enforcement officers were combing 30 square miles of rough territory on land, water, and by air. They were apparently focusing most of their attention on one section. And today, the FBI claimed they've made progress.

"We have received more solid leads from a number of local residents, which have been followed up and have been very helpful," said the FBI's Woody Emerson.

They may be zeroing in on Rudoplh, but the suspect remains on the loose in terrain that's clearly working to his advantage.

The tough terrain may not be the only challenge federal agents are facing.

"People are kind of anti-government here too," said Forester Frank Findley. "...they don't really like the overwhelming presence of the federal government..."

In fact, some local residents seem delighted that Rudolph has been able to outsmart an army of federal agents.

Along with the pervasive anti-government sentiment, many here hold strong anti-abortion views. Although most people won't say it, plenty of them are sympathetic to Eric Rudolph's plight.

In fact, no one is certain that townspeople would turn Eric Rudolph in if he walked right down main street. People here say he did that last week. There is a $1 million reward, but many seem to have little faith that anyone would really collect it from the federal government -- even if they did help.

Reported by Sharyl Attkisson
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