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Bob Schieffer: It all changes after New Hampshire

Longtime CBS newsman Bob Schieffer offers his thoughts on how the 2016 presidential campaign is shaking out
Longtime CBS newsman Bob Schieffer offers his... 01:40

This year marks the 11th New Hampshire primary retired CBS News correspondent Bob Schieffer has covered. After this, he says, the campaigns won't be the same.

CBS News' Bob Schieffer has covered 11 presid... 02:31

"What makes New Hampshire so hard to handicap is, this is the last place where the voters play a role. After this it all moves to TV," Schieffer explained.

In the Republican race, he says Tuesday's primary is important not just for who wins, but also for who finishes second and beyond.

"It's how those last minute voters break that will determine who gets the ticket after finishing second, third, and fourth out of New Hampshire."

To hear what else Bob Schieffer has to say about the primaries and the presidential race, watch the video above.

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