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Texas police are posing with bluebonnets in new viral challenge

Nature: Bluebonnets
Nature: Bluebonnets 01:54

All over Texas, police departments are joining in on the fun of the bluebonnet challenge. This social media trend invites people to snap a photo with the Texas state flower — and officers are making it theirs with the #BackTheBLUEbonnets hashtag.

The law enforcement community is sharing playful pictures of officers posing in a variety of ways. The photos show the cops striking silly positions, meditating or simply enjoying the beautiful blooms. Some snaps even feature K-9 teams frolicking in the blossoms. Police departments have been posting the images on social media — sometimes along with serious messages such as an anti-littering plea or recommendations of how to stay safe when taking photos.

The Bluebonnets are blooming and so is this viral challenge. Grapevine Police Department

"We don't just lay down the law, we strive to help people in our community," wrote the  Grapevine Police Department on Facebook Wednesday. "And when we are done with our shift — sometimes we nap."

The state flower is experiencing a particularly beautiful bloom this season because of heavy rainfall that occurred last autumn, according to CBS Dallas/Fort Worth. So Texas police officers are taking full advantage of the bluebonnets while they're still at their peak.

Texas police officers aren't shy to pose in a field of flowers all for the sake of the newest challenge. Grapevine Police Department
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