"Limitless" returns with Jake McDorman and Jennifer Carpenter

The 2011 blockbuster "Limitless," starring Bradley Cooper, about a mysterious brain-boosting pill that allows people to use 100 percent of their mental functions, topped the box office, bringing in more than $150 million.

Four years later, "Limitless" is back, but this time on the smaller screen as a new show on CBS. The action-thriller focuses on a musician, Brian Finch, played by Jake McDorman, who discovers the powerful NZT-48 drug and somehow finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation. But rather than sentence him to life in prison, special agent Rebecca Harris, played by Jennifer Carpenter, uses him as a resource for her FBI team.

"She recognizes something in Brian and I think it is his character -- the fact that he took this pill and did something for someone else, something selfless -- which makes him unique," Carpenter said of her fictional character.

To the excitement of fans of the original film, McDorman told "CBS This Morning" that Bradley Cooper would make an appearance and reprise his role as Edward Morra from the movie.

"He's a little bit like Oz, he's like the man behind the curtain," McDorman said about Cooper's role. "You find out he's been very much involved with NZT since we last saw him."

Ahead of the pilot which airs Tuesday, Sept. 22, Forbes magazine has applauded "the most narratively efficient hours of television to be produced this year."