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Blake Lively is forever young in "The Age of Adaline"

Blake Lively's character in "The Age of Adaline" is forever young -- a freak accident in the 1930s renders her immune to the effects of time.

Adaline watches as the world ages around her, but her secret keeps her away from most people -- except her aging daughter, played by Ellen Burstyn.

Adaline eventually falls for a young man, played by Michiel Huisman, who takes her to meet his father, portrayed by Harrison Ford.

Director Lee Toland Krieger says Lively's personal style fit the character well.

"An elegant sophisticated woman... there is something that should feel timeless about her," he said. "And Blake is certainly even in her own life pretty astute when it comes to dressing in an elegant timeless way."

But Lively, 27, says she'd choose lasting relationships over Adaline's ageless immortality.

"The quality of time is directly related to love," said the new mom and wife of Ryan Reynolds. "Without love, her time means nothing."

It's a lesson Adaline learns the hard way.

"The Age of Adaline" opens nationwide Friday.