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Bill Cosby's nephew speaks out about sexual assault allegations

A nephew of Bill Cosby is speaking out in his defense in the wake of the allegations he sexually assaulted several women.

"I believe he is innocent and unless the judicial system can prove otherwise, I stand behind him and his contributions," Braxton Cosby said in an interview with

"I would be more inclined to compare it to the passage in the Bible where the people of the village were about to stone the woman caught in adultery and Jesus challenged them by saying that the person who without sin should cast the first stone," he added. "The one difference in this case being that the woman was caught in the act and her accusers brought her forward. I want to remind everyone that we live in the greatest country in the entire world, one that prides itself on the moral law that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. That's where we stand at this time with the allegations brought against my uncle."

Braxton Cosby, who runs a company called Cosby Media Productions, also said his uncle and his legacy "are still more alive and well than ever before" despite the "unjustified claims."

He also suggested the "attacks" on his uncle are part of an attempt to destroy the "positive, uplifting and inspirational" content his company produces.

Meanwhile, two more of Bill Cosby's performance dates were postponed earlier this week in the wake of the claims against him. On Wednesday, Freed-Hardeman University in Henderson, Tennessee, canceled Cosby's scheduled appearance at a Dec. 5 benefit dinner.

Cosby has issued a statement discrediting decades-old accusations, and his attorney has denied four of the allegations.

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