Bill Clinton: Man of the moment

President Clinton seems to have mellowed. After a heart bypass operation, he's become a vegan, and an advocate for healthy eating for kids.

And he's also able to look back, with understanding . . . even at his former political enemies.

"It's easier for me to forgive people for things they did to me when they were trying to keep me from beating 'em," he said. ""You know, it's just, life's too short, and if it has no bearing on tomorrow, I try to let it go."

Of course, there's a big question about what could happen tomorrow - or at least in 2016.

"You've been asked before and you've said that you don't know if Secretary Clinton will run for president. But do you wonder why she might even want to, given how hard it is, and how hard she's already worked?"

"Well, she may not. I say this like a broken record - She's the ablest public servant I ever knew. And if she wants to run, I'll support it. And if she doesn't, I'll try to make her happy for the rest of her life," he laughed.

Meanwhile, he stays focused on matters at hand.

Last weekend, after hitting the campaign trail, Mr. Clinton made time to tour a recently-retrofitted L'Oreal cosmetics plant in Little Rock in his native Arkansas. It's using federal stimulus funds to work with his Climate Initiative.

"When you hear people say, 'Oh, the world would come to an end if we had to cut our CO2 emissions, you know, 50 percent by 2030,' this whole company is going to do it by 2015 - AND they're making money doing it," he said.

At age 66, William Jefferson Clinton says he feels happy and fulfilled. But he also seems to be pushing himself in a race against the clock:

"Sometimes it almost sounds like, you know, you're looking in the mirror and looking at your own mortality," Braver said.

"Oh, but I have all my life," he replied. "Keep in mind, my father was in his 20s when he died in a car wreck before I was born. You have to go back to my maternal great-grandfather, who lived to be 76, to find anybody in my, man, who lived as long as I did.

"I guess it sounds morbid or spooky to some people; to me it's just as natural as the water flowing. I don't think about it. I don't have any fears. And I feel so blessed to have lived the life I've lived. And I feel great. And I'm determined to live to be a grandfather. But I just think, that the older you get, the more you want every year to count."

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