Bike-riding raccoon goes for a spin, on The Feed!

Some of the latest and greatest viral videos include Melanie Raccoon showing off her cycling skills and a pit bull caught jumping on the bed.

First up, meet Melanie Raccoon. Its owner calls it the "world's most talented animal," and she may have a point. In addition to these YouTube videos of Melanie riding a bike, the raccoon has its own Instagram page. There you'll find a slew of impressive videos, featuring Melanie doing everything from sweeping the floor to closing the toilet lid and flushing.

And, the two siblings in this video from GIL ABRAMOV are well-acquainted with how great it is to jump on the bed. So, they decide to bring their dog Loco in on the fun. It doesn't take long before the pit bull gets a little extra spring in its step.

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