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Biden praises Obama debate performance

Despite a debate performance that disappointed many Democrats, President Obama got some positive strokes from his vice president late Wednesday. Joe Biden told supporters he is "proud of President Obama" and glad that voters heard Republican challenger Mitt Romney admit he would turn Medicare into a voucher system.

"If you finished watching the debate like I did, I am sure you are as proud of President Obama as I am," Biden told supporters by video.

"The president did a good job in laying out his concrete plan for restoring the middle class, from ending tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas, to giving tax credits to companies that bring jobs home, to preparing 100,000 new math and science teachers, and training two million workers at our community colleges so we can continue to have the best and most productive work force in the world," Biden said.

Romney, by contrast, "laid out a fundamentally different philosophy. He called for a tax plan that would mean massive cuts for the wealthy, but he refused to say how he would possibly pay for them without raising taxes on middle class families."

Biden said that he was gratified that Romney admitted during the debate that "he would turn Medicare into a voucher," something Biden has said repeatedly at campaign events.

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