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Beyonce's "Run The World (Girls)" VIDEO: Why we love it, hate it

(CBS) We got to hand it to Beyonce, she's asking the right question: Who will run the world? She's got the right answer too... Girls!

While we are sure that's not true just yet, things are certainly better than the barefoot and pregnant days of "Leave it to Beaver." Hillary Clinton is our third female secretary of state. Sarah Palin, love her or hate her, is a potential presidential contender, and stars like Oprah, Lady Gaga and Beyonce herself, now have tremendous power in the entertainment biz.

Still, we feel sad that other countries have done better than us in the women running the world category. Back in the 1960s, Israel chose a female prime minister in Golda Meir. In the 1980s, Indira Gandhi (no relation to the one you know) was running India, Corazon Aquino was President of the Philippines, and Margaret Thatcher had the top spot in the U.K.  Kim Campbell ran Canada in the 1990s along with female leaders in Ireland, Sri Lanka, Nicaragua, Guyana, Switzerland, Latvia and Panama. And in the new century, there's been an explosion of female leadership from Argentina to Brazil to Liberia.

All that being said, Beyonce still has a smoking hot video that's blowing up on the web and we can't blame a girl for putting it out there. Now it's up us to knock it down.

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