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Bette Midler calls on Geraldo Rivera to apologize for alleged groping incident

LOS ANGELES -- Bette Midler is renewing an allegation of sexual misconduct against Geraldo Rivera, a day after Rivera called the news business "flirty" and lamented that the recent slew of complaints could "criminalize courtship.

In a tweet posted Thursday by Midler, and confirmed by her publicist, the actress-singer called on Rivera to apologize for an assault she said occurred four decades ago. 

In the tweet, she wrote: "Geraldo may have apologized for his tweets supporting Matt Lauer, but he has yet to apologize for this. #MeToo" 

She also posted a video from a 1991 interview with Barbara Walters. In the clip, Midler told Walters that Rivera and his producer drugged and groped her in the 1970s. 

After Lauer was fired Wednesday as "Today" host over allegations of sexual misconduct, Rivera posted remarks about the news business being "flirty."  

He later tweeted an apology for defending Lauer's actions, which reads in part: "Reaction to my tweets today on #sexharassment makes clear I didn't sufficiently explain that this is a horrendous problem long hidden-Harassers are deviants who deserve what is coming to them-Often victims are too frightened to come forward in a timely fashion-I humbly apologize."

A representative for Rivera didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

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