Ben Stein: New Boss "Same as the Old Boss"

The election is finally over . . . and we've heard reactions from everybody and his brother. Time for one more, from our contributor Ben Stein:

Well, we now know we've had a major GOP landslide. While I enjoyed the elections because I am a Republican, I went away from the TV Tuesday night with a sense of unease, for four main reasons.

First, I have heard all of promises from politicians that they will put the good of the people above their own good now for about 55 years.

They almost never do, and I have no reason to believe that the year 2010 has seen a dramatic change in human nature.

"Meet the new boss," says the great song, "same as the old boss." That boss isn't Wall Street or the unions. The boss is personal self interest - and that doesn't change.

Second, I know the GOP players are all good people. But they promise to both cut spending AND create jobs. It sounds good, and I believe it can work . . . in the long run. But in the short run, there will be intense pain. Is the party ready for the public anger over that pain?

Third, we have a huge, super problem in this country in addition to the recession. That problem is the predicament of African-American youth. Their teenage unemployment rate is 45 percent. They too often face failing schools and extremely difficult home situations.

I did not hear one word on Election Night about helping these people to rescue themselves. Yet, this must be done if this nation is to survive, and it has to be done, because these desperate youth are American citizens the same as people in Beverly Hills or on Park Avenue.

But the thing that made me most angry on Election Night is that I did not hear one candidate - not ONE - mention Afghanistan or Iraq. Our fighting men and women are in harm's way there. Some come home without legs and arms, and some come home in caskets.

These heroes and their families are the real stars, making the real sacrifices for us. Attention must be paid, and Tuesday night would have been a good time to start.

So, let's start today. God bless those guys, the real stars.