Being Put On Hold For The iPhone

Want to play with the iPhone? So does Daniel Sieberg.

But as he tells us over at TechTalk:

Apple won't give me one to test out. (Afraid of me, Apple?) I know, I'm in the media, I cover science and technology (and have for nearly 14 years), I work for CBS News, and you'd think it'd be as easy as that. Not so.

Apple is (micro)managing the iPhone's release to the Nth degree, including its sale time at 6 p.m. in each time zone. A handful of personal technology print reviewers or columnists do have one, but evidently plain old TV journalists like me don't fall into that elite category. (Don't worry, I'll be all right.) In any case, even without messing around with one I know what others have said about it, and more importantly what you need to know.

Wander on over to Tech Talk for the scoop. And then take a number and get in line...