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Bear jumps off skateboard and attacks circus handler as audience watches in horror

Shocking video from a Russian circus shows a bear turn on its handler and viciously attack him during a show. The audience watched in horror as the bear jumped off a skateboard it had been riding and leaped towards the humans in the circus ring.

Video from the circus in Russia's Volgograd region, posted by the Daily Mail, shows the bear sliding down a ramp on the skateboard while a handler holds on to its leash. At the end of the ramp, the bear gets rambunctious, and strains against the leash. The bear then pulls away from its handler and starts running towards another circus member inside the ring.

Other handlers are seen trying to swat the bear away with a large sticks. The bear follows a handler around the small circus ring and then jumps on top of the man.

The man appears to try and fight back against the giant predator, but the bear overtakes him. The bear and the man wrestle in the ring as other circus members continuously beat the bear with long sticks. Audience members are heard yelling in horror in the background of the video. 

The bear pulls the man across the floor of the circus ring, and the tussle continues for several seconds, with the bear violent shaking the man. Eventually, the bear lets go and the man stands up. He does not appear to be badly wounded, as he is able to stand, and once he is freed from the bear he walks over to pick up a stick. 

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