Bear chasing man up a tree is totally surreal to see

(CBS News) Last week we highlighted a rare glimpse at (and in!) a grizzly bear after the bear attempted to eat a GoPro camera. And now we're going to show another bear-y odd moment that is not as up close and personal, but, without a doubt, one of the most surreal things you'll see all day. (Week, month, possibly year...) Things get hairy at about 18 seconds into the clip above.

So, am I the only one thinking while watching this video, "Why is there no one trying to help this poor guy out!" And the level of calm (and even disinterest by the end) shown by the cameraman, who allegedly shot this in a rural village in Russia, and by the man in the tree who appears to be yelling calmly at the bear to leave... well, it's all a bit surreal, in your blogger's humble opinion. (And reminds me of a similar situation involving a man in a tree, but with a stag instead of brown bear, and a lot less calm.) But what did you all think about it? And have you encountered similar circumstances before? (Hopefully viewed from afar and not escaping up a tree.) As always, feel free to leave me some comment love below with your thoughts and any personal experiences.