B.A.S.E. jump so close-up you might get nauseous

(CBS News) First, a quick word of warning: if you're like me and have a mild to major fear of heights, this one might be a tad bit "too real to deal." With that cautionary advice out of the way, I'd recommend setting this one to high-definition if possible and going full-screen to feel the extreme thrill of this B.A.S.E. jump above. (And possibly have some motion-sickness medicine ready.)

Is it over? Can I look now? All kidding aside, the first-person perspective climb and jump features extreme athlete Erik Ronerwho was previously highlighted on here for a variation of "Mary Poppins" and her classic umbrella flight, and was posted by GoPro who write:

Erik Roner takes us to the top of a precarious antenna before B.A.S.E. jumping off.
I love vicarious and extreme videos, but that one totally hit me hard while watching. (Speaking of being "hit hard," no one should ever try this at home!) Regardless of my personal phobia, you've got some serious nerves of steel, and all of us here at The Feed totally dig your style, Erik! And if you'd like to check out more first-person perspective, and often extreme, clips from GoProbe sure to see our previous posts by clicking here or you can go to their YouTube page by clicking here.