Baltimore gynecologist used camera hidden in pen to film patients

Nikita Levy, a former OB/GYN at Johns Hopkins, killed himself in his Towson, Md., home, police say.

BALTIMORE More details have emerged from the investigation into Dr. Nikita Levy, the Johns Hopkins gynecologist accused of secretly recording his patients.

As forensic investigators sift through computer servers and hard drives for images they believe Levy captured inside exam rooms, CBS Baltimore reports that there could be more than 1,000 victims involved in the case.

Authorities believe that Levy used a camera hidden inside a pen to secretly record his patients. The recordings from such cameras are clear and can be easily stored on a small SD card and transferred to a computer.

One stunned former patient, Tera Johnson, recalls recommending Dr. Levy to friends.

"He was kind, a professional," Johnson said. "But I guess behind closed doors, you never know what's going on."

The director of a non-profit Baltimore counseling center said they have been receiving calls from out of state. The scandal is so widespread that the center plans to start group therapy sessions specifically for Dr. Levy's alleged victims.

Levy's Maryland Board of Physicians profile shows no red flags-no previous disciplinary action, malpractice judgments or convictions for moral crimes.

In addition to the East Baltimore Medical Center, Dr. Levy also reportedly treated patients at the an outpatient center, which is also part of the Hopkins system.

Suspicions about Levy only surfaced about three weeks ago when a co-worker alerted security about his alleged misconduct.

Levy committed suicide in his Baltimore home in the early stages of the investigation.