Balloon Boy Gets His Own iPhone App

(Mosa Motion Graphics LLC)
Screen Shot: iPhone app, "Balloon Boys."

NEW YORK (CBS) Want to create your very own "balloon boy" hoax? There's an app for that!

PICTURES: The Bizarre "Balloon Boy" Incident

Developer Mosa Motion Graphics LLC announced last month that they have developed a new iPhone application called "Balloon Boys" that is inspired by the televised plight of Colorado couple Richard and Mayumi Heene, who are accused of pulling a spectacular hoax by reporting their son was aboard a runaway balloon.

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Photo: Falcon Heene, left, with his father Richard Heene.

PICTURES: The Bizarre "Balloon Boy" Incident

Now, users can create their very own "balloon boy" hoax by merging photos taken with the iPhone with a selection of silver balloon pictures, according to the company's press release.

"People are bombarded with the bizarre, yet all too real stories of our time," said Kari Adams of Mosa Motion Graphics, in the press release. "Being able to participate in the growing legend of the Balloon Boy, is like immersing yourself into an event sure to become an instant classic American folk-tale."

(Mosa Motion Graphics LLC)
Screen Shot: iPhone app, "Balloon Boys."

PICTURES: The Bizarre "Balloon Boy" Incident

"American folk-tale" or not, the memory of Oct. 15 is still fresh for many Americans who watched with astonishment and terror as rescuers chased a homemade balloon for 50 miles after the Heenes reported their 6-year-old son Falcon may have been trapped inside. The balloon landed in a dusty farm field, with no Falcon inside, and the family later announced they found the boy hiding at home.

But investigators became suspicious of the Heene family's reporting of events and eventually charged the parents with fabricating the hoax in order to get publicity for a reality show pitch. Richard and Mayumi Heene pled guilty to "false reporting to authorities" and "attempting to influence a public servant," on Nov. 13. It's not clear if Colorado will pursue the Heene family for the cost of the recovery effort.

"Balloon Boys" is currently available in the iTunes App Store, priced at only a buck.

Photos: The Bizarre "Balloon Boy" Incident
Audio: Richard Heene's Frantic 911 Call

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