Bad Drivers Beware

How many times have you seen a close call on the roadway and wished you could do more than just shake your fist and shout some obscenities at the offending driver? (Without getting into any road rage.) Enter the internet. A slew of sites like and allow people to post accounts, photos and even video of their harrowing encounters. There are also ones for people who can't seem to stay within the lines of a parking stall or cyclists who use helmetcams to show how they survive any near collisions. Call it: cyber-shaming. We'll examine the trend on Tuesday's Early Show.

The sites offer both a chance to vent frustrations and possibly pressure people to improve their driving habits. Beyond that, of course it's not like the sites seek to track down the drivers and drag them from their cars -- there's a limit to their effectiveness. But if nothing else, the collective experience can relieve tension, allow people to move on, and maybe create a place to keep track of any accident details for later. Just remember -- one of the biggest reasons for a crash is a distraction so hang up that phone or stop adjusting the iPod.

In the meantime, stay connected.