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Backstreet Boys Up Front

Got a teen-age daughter at your house? Then you may know about the hot pop sound of the Backstreet Boys. Cub reporter, 11-year-old Lindsay Maxwell, has the backstage pass for CBS This Morning.

If you haven't heard of the Backstreet Boys, consider this: Their CD is now the third-biggest-selling album of the year.

What makes the Backstreet Boys so special? Lindsay asked some female fans in Los Angeles:

"They're hot."

"I like their dancing"

"They are adorable, and we love their music."

One Backstreet Boy, a teen favorite, is Nick Carter. For him, being a teen idol takes some getting used to. "We love the attention," he says. "Sometimes you sit back and wonder, why?"

The Backstreet Boys have been together for five years. But their romantic love songs were slow to catch on. So the boys went to Europe, where the girls went crazy. Their next stop was Canada, where their vocal harmonies inspired mall madness.

Brian Littrell remembers the first time the Backstreet Boys sang in public. "It was actually May 8, 1993, in front of 5,000 screaming fans at Sea World at grad night," he recalls. "I know I was extremely nervous."

Does he still get nervous? "Oh, yeah, oh yeah. Every now and then, it's just something that takes over you. It's kind of overwhelming."

With more than 22 million albums sold worldwide, the Backstreet Boys take time at every concent to thank their fans.

The Backstreet Boys will be performing next month at the MTV awards, where they're up for best group and best dance moves. The group also will perform Sunday afternoon a CBS special program, Arthur Ashe Kids' Day.

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