Backstage At The Emmys

Ray Romano said he wanted to go out on top, and he did.

Backstage at the 57th annual Emmy Awards in Los Angeles Sunday night, the star of the CBS sitcom "Everybody Loves Raymond" told The Early Show national correspondent Hattie Kauffman, "You could look at it and say, 'You did the right thing, you went when you're still on top,' or you can also look at it and say, 'You didn't do the right thing, 'cause you're still winning awards.' So you can't win."

"Wanna come back," Kauffman kidded Romano.

"Can I?" he kidded back.

Last season was the last for the long-running "Raymond."

Doris Roberts, who played Raymond's mother, won for the fourth time for Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, and she was dancing in the aisles.

"When people stop me on the street, they always say the same thing: 'I love you and thank you for the laughter you brought into my home.' What a great thing to hear," she observed to Kauffman.

Brad Garrett took a laidback approach to his third win as Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series.

"You must be used to winning these: You put it on the floor. Everyone else is holding it close to the heart," Kauffman remarked.

Responded Garrett, "I'm not about the bling-bling. If I was in charge of the academy, I would make them out of wicker."