Back Up Your Flash Drive with USBFlashCopy

Last Updated Sep 22, 2010 9:33 AM EDT

You may think of your flash drive as a kind of backup for your critical data files -- the stuff you ferry home from work, the spreadsheet you've spent weeks creating, and so on. But what about backing up the flash drive itself?

That's the idea behind USBFlashCopy, a simple utility that runs in the background and automatically copies files from your flash drive to the folder of your choice.

The program clocks in at a tiny 300K and requires no installation. Just run it, then plug in your drive. USBFlashCopy detects your media and immediately starts copying everything to a designated backup folder. Easy-peasy.

You can set up profiles for different flash drives (and/or memory cards if you want fast and easy backup of your camera photos) and even set the program to copy only new or updated files.

USBFlashCopy is free; it's compatible with all versions of Windows. If you're bothered by the little status window that pops up in the corner of your screen during backups, you can purchase a license key and run the program in "silent mode" (i.e. without the pop-up). The insane part: the key costs $39.95. Um, no. [via AppScout]

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