Baby named Like after Facebook button

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(CBS) We've heard of parents-to-be polling Facebook friends on baby names, but naming your kid after the Facebook button users have grown to love and use? Now that's different. So when a couple named their baby Like after Facebook, we couldn't help but chuckle.

According to AFP, the Israeli parents named her Like because it's modern and innovative.

"I checked that the name does not exist elsewhere in the country, that was the main condition for me," Like's father, Lior Adler, told Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz. "It's short and sweet," Vardit Adler, Like's mother, told Reuters. "It's very important to me and to my husband that the names we give our children are unique, creative and totally new."

No judgment here, parents, but should we worry about Like being teased by mean kids at school? (Isn't this something parents consider before choosing a name?) 

Adler, who's a fan of unique names, dubbed Like's older sisters Dvash (which means honey in Hebrew) and Pie (after apple pie). Adler told Reuters that the two older girls like their special names and aren't teased, so she's not worried about Like and her Facebook-inspired calling.

Adler's probably right. In fact, Like's already made lots of friends -- in cyberspace, that is. She has a Facebook page with 746 likes and over 100 comments. Apparently, a lot of people like Like.

What do you think of the name?

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