Nearly drowned child rescued at sea in latest example of migrant crisis

Finding solutions in the Middle East can't come fast enough for tens of thousands of migrants who continue to flee war zones for the safety of Europe.

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With winter fast approaching, the danger grows, especially for those escaping aboard overcrowded boats, CBS News correspondent Jonathan Vigliotti reported.

One hard-to-watch video captured the rescue of a baby who nearly drowned at sea.

A Turkish fisherman alerted his crew to something floating in the distance. As they approached, the high seas drama took shape.

"Oh my god, there's a baby, too," the fisherman shouted.

Cell phone video captured what unfolded next, as the fisherman plucked the 18-month-old Syrian boy from the water, removed his life vest, and desperately tried to revive him.

More children were spotted nearby and rescued. This scene played out Wednesday after a boat of migrants sunk a few miles off the coast of Turkey.

Such tragic scenes have become commonplace and mark the latest desperate push by migrants to make it to Europe before the chill of winter sets in.

Already, conditions in Greece have become dangerous. One refugee camp was pounded by heavy rain, and many were hungry and exhausted.

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In just the past few days officials say nearly 50,000 people fleeing conflict in North Africa and Middle East have made it to Greece's coast -- but dozens more have died at sea, including 14 from Wednesday's incident.

The child in the video never made it to Greece, but Mohammed Hasan, as he was later identified, does get a happy ending. That fisherman's attempts at CPR worked. Mohammed survived, and was returned to his mother's arms in Turkey by the men who saved his life.