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Baby abandoned near highway was left with ID, $5K in cash

Baby found near highway
Baby found in car seat near Oklahoma highway 01:29

SHAWNEE, Okla. -- Police say more than $5,000 in cash was found left with an infant who was discovered apparently abandoned near an Oklahoma highway Saturday, reports CBS affiliate KWTV.

The four-week-old boy's identification documents were also left at the scene, where passengers in a church van first noticed the baby along Interstate 40, near Oklahoma City.

Alexis Harrison told KWTV that she and her husband pulled over soon after the church van found the baby.

"Obviously our initial reaction was, that's not real. There's no way that's real," Harrison said. "When we got there, you know I just said please tell me that's not what I think it is."

The baby was in a car seat barely visible through the tall brush. He was abandoned on the side of the interstate without food or water. Harrison said surprisingly the 4-week-old was calm and not crying.

"His eyes were just huge," said Harrison. "You know, just 'what is going on' kind of look."  

Police determined the baby had not been there long and was not harmed.

"This could have had a very tragic outcome," said Msgt. Gary Knight, Oklahoma City Police Department. "Not only because of cars going by but it was hot that day. The temperature was in the 90s and you're talking about a child that's like four weeks old."

The baby is currently in the care of state officials and will either be placed with family or a foster family, officials said.  

Police were able to identify the baby's mother. Charges have not been filed.

An infant who was found alone inside a car seat near Interstate 40 in Oklahoma City on Sat., Sept. 23, 2017. KWTW-TV
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