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Awesome! Interactive Internet health map checks your state's connection

Compuware Corporation

(CBS) - Ever wonder if your Internet downtime is just the local cable company or a bigger issue? An interactive Internet health map can show if your state is experiencing connectivity problems.

The folks at technology performance company Compuware put up a map that will show how well the world is connected. The map uses metrics like availability, response time or connect time.

You can tinker around with the settings to check "backbone" a.k.a. super-fast data centers or "last mile," which measures the Internet connection down to the end-user. At the risk of sounding like a nerd, cool right? I'm actually mesmerized. Don't judge me.

The map refreshes every 10 minutes, so basically I've been staring at it all afternoon. I can tell you, California was yellow about an hour ago, but has since returned to status quo. Whew!  

If you take a look at Missouri and Kentucky, Internet availability is "severe." The green dots on the map represent data centers, but the red color indicates end-users might be having some problems connecting.

The coolest part is when you look at the world view. It's sort of amazing to think we're all connected by wires and waves. Now, get outta here before I start tearing up.

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