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Avoid Work Disasters with These 10 iPhone Apps

Did Santa bring you an iPhone for ChristmaKwanzaKah? If so, get ready to discover just how handy the device can be. Thanks to an exploding number of apps, the iPhone helps business users do their thing like no other smartphone on the planet. (That's right, I said it.)

In fact, Mashable's Amy-Mae Elliott rounded up 10 iPhone Apps to Avoid Work Disasters. Here's one example:

Awesome Note (+ToDo)
Laying the smackdown on the iPhone's own "notes" app, you'll wonder how you ever lived without Awesome Note. If you aren't the most naturally organized person, then avoid any so-sorry-boss-it-just-plain-slipped-my-mind grovelling sessions with this app that combines notes and to-dos. Functionality-wise, there are loads of settings for notes and to-dos, while on the design front, you can make them real pretty with all sorts of colorful customizations.
I agree: Awesome Note's a great app. But I'm not sure the list really focuses on "disaster" avoidance so much as everyday productivity.

Indeed, there's at least one major omission: Where's the app that lets you remotely access your PC to retrieve a file, look at a document, or even just shut down? (It's right here: Use Your iPhone to Access Your PC Remotely.)

Still, if you're new to iPhone or just looking for some extra apps to improve your business life, you're sure to find at least a few worthwhile candidates here.

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