Attack Of The Android

Quick posting today -- wanted to mention that CBS (and our corporate colleague CNET) will be on hand at tomorrow morning's T-Mobile press conference when it unveils the new HTC smartphone that runs Google's open source operating system called Android. Who cares about a phone operating system? Well, Google is trying to re-shape the cell phone market by letting you install applications on your device that you choose much like your computer. Think of it as a buffet versus a six-course meal. It's an idea that Apple is pursuing with its iTunes "Apps" store, but Google claims to offer more flexibility. However, Google will have to compete with the likes of Windows Mobile and Nokia's Symbian. So will Android be an iPhone or smartphone "killer"?

There are some doubts about whether this particular smartphone will have the chops, but plenty more are in the pike and we have yet to see this one in action. Lots of rumors of what to expect with tomorrow's smartphone including a 3-megapixel camera, video recorder and full keyboard. Again, all rumors for now, but be sure to check back here (and at CNET) for more details starting midday Tuesday. And there will likely be more about it on The Early Show on Wednesday.