ATG Mail: Gun Backlash

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Bringing Guns To Work

A great many readers took me to task for my column on guns in the workplace, saying I was treading on the 2nd Amendment. And it appears a lot of people go hunting after work. However, I stand by what I said.

I am a law abiding citizen who understands that my guns on my person, in my home or auto are of no danger to anyone. As a matter of public record Ted Kennedy has killed more people or animals than any gun that I own!

Our laws should be to protect our citizens, not punish them. What Ted Kennedy and your correct "spineless democrats" should stop their agenda of back door entry to have gun control by any method. The 2nd Amendment has guaranteed my right since its writing and once you change or re-write out constitution we will not be free men anymore. What would the liberal press do if we didn't have the 1st Amendment?

Paul Bartos

Sir, I send you my greetings. I've just read your piece about the NRA sponsored boycott of Conoco over the dismissal of employees "caught" with firearms in their vehicles on company property. I should like to point out that not all firearms carried in vehicles are for personal defense, such as the handgun. More people than you might imagine in Oklahoma, and other areas of the nation, enjoy the sport of hunting, especially after working a stressful or tedious shift... fatigued from working all night, going all the way home to don the proper attire, fetching the accoutrements necessary for hunting, may be too much of a bother, particularly if one is hunting with a co-worker. Having all those items locked up safe and out of sight in the vehicle parking lot, controlled by security is a perfectly sensible arrangement. Chaps can go a-hunting straight from work, get home by lunch-time and sleep soundly after spending quiet time in the woods with a comrade in arms, so to speak. Just a little FYI from the rural region.

Joseph K. Smith (no relation)

I find it troubling that employees should be violated of their rights to protect themselves at work. It is obvious anyone that is planning on killing others at their place of employment is not going to obey any law that bans guns from the workplace. In fact it may make them feel more empowered because they know that the law abiding citizens have no way to protect themselves.

Russel Rodeback

Gun control? It's the best thing you can do for crooks and gangsters. I want you to have nothing. If I'm a bad guy, I'm always gonna have a gun. Safety locks? You will pull the trigger with a lock on, and I'll pull the trigger. We'll see who wins.

Sammy "The Bull" Gravano, whose testimony convicted John Gotti.

Wow. Are we bitter?

Other than the snide cynicism, this is a good discussion to get into about individual rights (both first and second amendment) on private property. Indeed a gray area.

An inaccuracy, however.

There is more than pollsters telling the Democrats 'the smart thing to do is not address gun control'. The voting populace in the southern states traditionally supported conservative Southern Democrats in the house and senate until 1994, when in a backlash to Brady, they converted to conservative Republicans. Just this last election, 4 out of 5 open slots went to the Republicans. The one remaining Democrat said the reason Democrats are losing is they were 'not representing their constituency', so she decided to and won.

Dean's (new DNC head) take on this was that the Democratic Party must do better to 'educate their constituency'.

That's a big disconnect.

Robert A. Sutherland

Gee, Dick, I have no beef with the guy in HR, but the gal in the next office has a restraining order against her ex who, on several occasions, sent her to work badly in need of extra makeup. I'm worried about what he'll do when he's finally told he can't get close enough to his kids to beat them again.

Luckily we have a "no guns at work" policy so we're safe, right?


Frank Clarke

I guess Mr. Dick Meyer is a left wing liberal who cares a lot for the punks rights and little for the victims. Maybe if we all had the right to defend ourselves against criminals we would have less crime.

Since governments rule by fear, I'm sure that the thought of all those nasty guns in the hands of the citizens scare all of the liberals who, after all, know what is good for the entire population. Why don't some of these hanky-stomping, take-a-punk-to-lunch liberals leave everybody alone?

Lee Salmon