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Astronaut Chris Hadfield shows off his spacesuit waltz

Flying aboard the International Space Station (I.S.S.) is not just fun and games; members of the crew have to examine their equipment to keep everything in ready to use conditions. One of them most important pieces of equipment is the spacesuit that is worn by astronauts when they leave the I.S.S. to go out into the universe.

Spacesuits are made to keep a human body alive in the harsh, anti-gravity, environment of space, but they are also used inside a ship if there should be a change of pressure. They are often constructed to help keep the wearer comfortable, keeping in mind mobility and the need to collect solid and liquid waste. I.S.S. Commander Chris Hadfield explains in his video that "Spacesuits are just really one person spaceships."

Watch Hadfield dip and flip in the I.S.S. to bring his spacesuit into the ship's airlock for inspection.

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