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Ashlee: Very 'Anti' Lip-Synching

Does she or doesn't she? Lip synch, that is. Nineteen-year-old pop princess Ashlee Simpson performed last weekend on "Saturday Night Live," but the singer's voice was heard before she opened her mouth. She was caught performing to a music track.

Monday night, Simpson was back onstage at the Radio Music Awards in Las Vegas and this time, she sang live and loud, after first pretending to lip synch!

Kevin Frazier of "Entertainment Tonight" talked backstage with Simpson about the weekend snafu, and gave viewers of The Early Show a glimpse of what Simpson had to say.

"The other day at 'Saturday Night Live,'" Simpson told Frazier, "I completely lost my voice and everything... And I have it back. I don't lip synch. My God, I'm very anti-that."

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What went wrong? "I think my drummer got really excited and a little nervous and pressed the wrong button," Simpson says. "And I was like, what do I do? And I think I froze and started doing the hoedown."

Where, Frazier wanted to know, did the hoedown come from? "I don't know," Simpson responded. "I think my Texas roots."

"It was not a fun situation," Simpson continued. "I have severe acid reflux and it was acting up that day."

Ashlee's dad and manager, Joe Simpson, says he is the one who suggested she sing to a prerecorded track, because her voice was hoarse: "I made the call, she didn't want to do it that way."

"You know. that's a beautiful thing, your dad took the heat," Frazier remarked to Ashlee.

"Yeah, well, he was the one. I couldn't speak and I was, like, I don't care, I'm gonna sing anyway. He said, 'You can't go out there, you're going to sound like you're croaking through the song."

For someone whose young career has skyrocketed into the national spotlight, Ashlee says she'll manage to move past the embarrassment.

"Everybody has a story, something always happens to everybody."

But not everybody has something happen in front of a country, Frazier pointed out.

"Yeah, you gotta just brush it off and move on."

Frazier says, "Ashlee told me that 'Saturday Night Live' was the very first time she sung to a prerecorded track, and she'll never do it again.

Simpson's first CD, "Autobiography," has gone platinum.

The live performance Monday night in Las Vegas was a big night for her and, when Simpson left the stage, she was both elated and relieved.

"When you're a teenager, a bad hair day will wreck your world, so you can imagine how tough it was for Ashlee when the entire nation sees that kind of meltdown," Frazier says. But she appears to be coping well.

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