"As I Am"

Multiple Grammy award winner Alicia Keys is certain to have this week's No. 1 album and many are calling "As I Am" her finest work to date. The older-than-her years singer has taken an introspective journey in her mid-20s, both literally and figuratively. Family tragedy and an overwhelming schedule left Keys exhausted and admittedly depressed. So she traveled to Egypt to find inspiration. All by herself, with just her music, Keys returned with renewed insight and passion. During our interview on the plaza, she told me what she learned about herself. And something that you won't see, Keys told me she built up some pretty high walls in an effort to maintain her privacy and that she is also letting those down a bit. The end result is a gorgeous and textured album that is easily one of the year's best. Tomorrow, check out my behind-the-scenes photos with Alicia.