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As Backlash Continues, Facebook Tries to Save Face

Facebook's latest modifications make it pretty clear that the company is eager to spread its brand even further across the Web--and that's left some privacy advocates a little freaked out as they look at the vast amount of personal information that Facebook has on hand.

But Facebook, of course, maintains that this is all ultimately good for the Internet and everyone on it, and that it's in everyone's best interest to jump on board: A post Tuesday on the Facebook developer blog explains that the new "social plugins" are now implemented on over 100,000 sites, and that they work.

Social plugins were one of Facebook's big announcements at F8, the developer conference that the social network held last month. They take its existing Facebook Connect product a few steps further by bringing users' Facebook friends lists to external sites and showing them their friends' activity. A news site, for example, could show which stories your Facebook contacts have been recommending and commenting on.

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