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Father of 3, victim of mass shooting at Lewiston bar, described by family as "a great dad"

Father of 3, avid bowler among Lewiston victims
Father of 3, avid bowler among victims of Lewiston mass shootings 02:19

Lewiston, Maine — Arthur Strout, a 42-year-old father of three, was at Schemengees Bar and Grill in Lewiston, Maine, on Wednesday evening, playing pool with his father, Arthur Barnard.

Barnard told CBS News he left the bar prior to the shooting that claimed his son's life. Barnard said Strout had initially planned to leave with him but decided to stay at the bar.

"[Arthur] was supposed to leave with me because he didn't bring his car," Bernard said, describing his son as someone who "could always laugh at something no matter how bad it was."

Many people in the quiet city of Lewiston — with a population of about 38,000 — woke up Thursday morning to the news that someone they knew had been killed in Wednesday night's mass shootings, which left at least 18 people dead and 13 injured.  

The gunman opened fire at two locations: Schemengees, and Sparetime Recreation, a bowling alley about four miles away.  

Maine State Police Col. William Ross said Thursday that seven people were fatally shot inside Schemengees, and another was killed outside the bar.

"I said, 'OK,' and he said 'I love you,' because all my kids tell me that every time we see each other," Barnard said of his words to Strout as he left the bar. "Ten minutes later, I get a phone call." 

Kristy Strout, Arthur's wife, said the two had been married for almost seven years.

"He's helped me raise my children since they were very, very little," Strout's wife, Kristy Strout, said. "His daughter's only 13 and without a dad because of all of this. Because of one man's choices, my daughter has to grow up without a father."

"He tried to be tough with his kids, but at the same time he was just, he was a great dad," Barnard said. "I just was proud of him."

The suspect in the shooting, identified as 40-year-old Robert Card, remained at large as of Thursday evening.

"I hope they catch this person," Kristy said. "I'm angry my husband is dead and he's running free."

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