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Arnold Schwarzenegger responds to being called a "snowflake"

Arnold Schwarzenegger recently criticized President Trump's efforts to "prop up a dying industry" in a video on Facebook. In the video, Schwarzenegger compares saving coal to saving Blockbuster Videos

When one of the video's many dissenting commenters warned Schwarzenegger "Snowflake is a title you don't want," the film star and former governor responded.

"I never mind picking up new titles," Schwarzenegger replied. "Mr. Universe, Mr. Olympia, Terminator, Governor... if you want to call me snowflake, that's fine— it would have been a fantastic Mr. Freeze line."

Then, the aging bodybuilder got more serious, and noncombative, on a thread of comments filled with animosity that has characterized conversations about issues like clean energy on social media.

"If you're going to call someone a snowflake because they believe in a different policy than you, you might want to look in the mirror. When you see an idea you disagree with, you can get angry, or you can learn. I'd recommend you research and learn and grow," Schwarzenegger wrote.

He continued, "You can still disagree— that's the best part about being American! But at least you can disagree with evidence and analysis. We can all be better if we don't simply react. Pause, reflect, learn, and then decide of you still want to call someone a Snowflake."

In closing, Schwarzenegger wished him luck.

Arnold Schwarzenegger replied with advice on discourse and use of the label when a Facebook commenter warned him it was "a title you do not want."
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